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How to choose a restaurant while traveling without being plucked?

Discover below tips and tricks to maximize your chances of choosing a good restaurant while traveling and to avoid being plucked on the quality and/or the cost of your dinner. I hope that this article will prevent desperate tourists from turning to fast food chains out of spite! Click here for buffet catering hong kong.

Always ask the local

Once there, do not hesitate to solicit the recommendations of the locals by asking them to tell you their favorite restaurant! Do you stay in a hostel? It’s perfect; ask the team on site who will generally give you good addresses for your budget! Do you live in a house / couchsurfing? You have every chance to get the best recommendations and to find real pearls

Do you stay in a hotel? Ask for advice at the reception but beware however because some hotels conclude contracts with restaurants in which they always send their customers and which are not necessarily the best. The same caution should apply if you ask for a taxi driver’s recommendations because it is possible that he receives a commission for each customer brought to a specific restaurant. Visit this site for canape hong kong.

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Always trust your instincts

Once there, take your time to make your choice on the menu and enjoy this moment to observe what surrounds you. Do you feel good in this place? Do the places seem to be properly maintained? Is the staff friendly? If in doubt, do not hesitate to pack up and sail to another establishment. After all, eating at a restaurant must be a pleasant experience!

Always ask for the menu

Too often, the tourist is spotted from a distance and is charged a different rate than the local customers. Always ask to see the card before ordering or at least to know the price. If this price is much lower or higher than those you have seen in the region, distrust…